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Polyether polyurethane adhesive was prepared by prepolymer.
Feb 04, 2018

Polyether polyurethane adhesive was prepared by prepolymer.

(1) raw materials

Tetrahydrofuran-epoxy propane (JF), hydroxyl value of 30mgKOH/g, moisture 0.04%, industrial grade; Toluene diisocyanate (tdi-80/20), industrial grade; 1, 4-butanediol (BG), chemical pure; White carbon black, industrial grade; Acetylacetone iron, chemically pure.

(2) formula

The hydroxyl molar ratio of 1, 4-butanediol and tetrahydrofuran-epoxy propane was 1.5;

The isocyanate index of prepolymer and curing agent was 1.1;

Prepolymer 100g

White carbon black 10g

Curing agent

(3) preparation method

The white carbon black through 100 mesh sieve, in 120 ℃ baking 4 h. A certain proportion of tetrahydrofuran - epoxypropyl ether triol, 1, 4-butanediol and white carbon black were mixed uniformly. Heated to 90 ℃, vacuum degassing treatment 3 ~ 4 h. Cooling to 60 ℃, dripping with toluene diisocyanate, 80 ℃ reaction 2 ~ 3 h, made the base for NCO pre polymers, determination of the NCO mass fraction pre polymers. The prepolymer is a group of two - component polyurethane adhesive. In tetrahydrofuran - epoxy propane, an appropriate amount of acetylacetone iron is added, which is mixed evenly and is divided into group b.

According to NCO content, the formula is calculated and tested. After weighing a certain proportion of a and b, the mixture should be evenly mixed and decompressed, and the adhesive is made.