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Performance characteristic of metallic foams
Feb 18, 2017

1. via high: more than 98% through-hole rate almost transparent structure, as the filtering material, pressure drop, flow rate high; 2. Large surface area: in the case of the same through-hole rate, compared to other porous materials and has the largest surface areas; 3. High porosity, porous structure uniform: porosity of more than 95%, to three-dimensional structure of porous permeability and has good strength, same size, materials, lighter weight, and can accommodate also the highest and has good sound absorption, absorption and electromagnetic shielding performance; 4. Metal performance: metal foam can be nickel, copper, iron or alloy materials, different substrates have different metal properties, such as fire-proof, no poison, no falling scraps, recycled, thermal conductivity, wide application, 5. Can be welded, cut, pressure thin rolls, such as machining and metal materials can be recycled, environmentally friendly while saving costs.