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Market prospect and application scope of PU FOAM
Apr 30, 2017

Market prospect and application scope of PU FOAM

Since the 2000 products in the domestic application since its market demand is expanding rapidly, the 2009 national construction market annual consumption of more than eighty million cans, with the promotion of construction quality and energy saving building, the products in the future will be steady growth in consumption.

China has fully mastered the formula and production technology of this product, generally do not destroy the ozone layer without fluorine blowing agent, and developed a former foam (1) products. In addition to some manufacturers are still using imported valve accessories, other supporting raw materials have been localization.


(1) the foam, polyurethane foaming agent is ejected after 80% has been expanded, behind the foaming rate is small, so that workers can have a good grasp of the hands of the effort when using foam gun, simple and convenient and no waste of glue, glue is sprayed after foaming gradually thicker than out the crude several times, so it is difficult for the workers to master hand trigger strength, easy to waste plastic, waste of at least 1/3, easy to squeeze broken doors and windows also after the expansion of the adhesive after curing, such as the market common glue factory.

Typical application

Doors and windows installation: doors and windows and the wall between the joint sealing, fixed bonding.

Advertising model: model, the production of sand table.

The gap: soundproof silencing lab, studios and other decoration fill, can play a sound silencing.

Gardening: flower arrangement, gardening, light and beautiful.

Routine maintenance: repair of voids, cracks, wall tiles, floor tiles and floors.

Waterproof plugging: water pipes, sewers and other loopholes in the repair, plugging.

Packaging and transportation: it is easy to package the precious fragile goods, save time and speed, earthquake resistance.

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