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Look at the potential changes in the industry from the appearance of foam gun
Feb 18, 2018

Very often, we are not in an industry, it is difficult to have a deep understanding of it. But now the foam gun industry, we can see through the appearance of change and progress, we can see the industry in recent years, the earth-shaking changes and progress.
I am a layman in the foam gun industry, to talk about my opinion only from the appearance of change. First of all, the appearance of our foam gun a lot more, can be used to describe a wide range of nor, only unexpected can not buy. The second is in practicality, the first foam gun in the hand is a stiff state of the metal products, and later with a warm plastic shell, and later the handle has a human hands-on handshake shape, and later there is a non-slip handle .
The changing appearance of foaming gun, let us deeply feel the rapid changes in the industry and progress.