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Let's classify the glue gun from the action.
Feb 18, 2018

Our understanding of the glue gun is from scratch, from the presence of essence. Today, let's talk about how to classify the different effects of the glue gun.

From the point of view of action, glue gun can be classified as manual glue gun, pneumatic glue gun and electric glue gun. Let's clarify the nature of these three types of glue gun. Manual glue gun: the operator USES the hand power press plate to achieve the glue, the glue efficiency is low, for the non-regular use of the professional or the family use design. Pneumatic glue gun: it needs to be compressed air source, air to push the bottom of glue to achieve glue. Electric glue guns: currently on the market quality pneumatic glue gun with a silencer, less than 70 db noise, apply to indoor quiet workplace requirements, also can adjust the air pressure, better control the amount of the glue.

Glue gun is a kind of glue (or dispensing) tools, need to glue it is possible to use, widely used in building decoration, electronic appliances, automobile and auto parts, ships and containers and other industries. The glue gun can be classified from the Angle of action, for example, from the packaging of the glue gun and so on.