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Inventory of quality properties of polyurethane foam
Jan 21, 2018

Polyurethane foaming adhesive has excellent performance and low cost.

High quality polyurethane foaming gel is fast and durable after foaming, which can obviously improve service life.

Good thermal insulation performance, thermal conductivity 0. 025, better than polyphenylene plate.

Good adhesion property, able to bond with wood, metal, brick, glass and other materials are very strong, not afraid of high winds.

Economic benefit is good: if the insulation layer and waterproof layer are separated, not only the cost is high, and the duration is long, and polyurethane foam glue holds both of these two characteristics.

Good waterproof performance: foam holes are closed, with a 95% closure rate, and rainwater will not pass through the pores.

Can be used in new roof or old house maintenance, especially suitable for old house repair, do not need to uproot the original waterproof layer and insulation layer, just clean the surface of ash, sand sundry, can spray.

Because of the site spraying, the formation of the whole waterproof layer, no seams, these are any of the high polymer materials, reduce the maintenance work.

The construction is simple and quick, each day can spray more than 200 square meters, which is conducive to the construction schedule.

And polyurethane foaming adhesive is good for aging. According to the engineering summary and research test abroad, the aging resistance can be up to 30 years.