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Introduction of polyurethane foaming agent and its performance
Apr 30, 2017

Introduction of polyurethane foaming agent and its performance

Polyurethane foaming agent of the Chinese name is polyurethane foaming agent, foreign name is PU FOAM,Polyurethane foaming agent name of one component polyurethane foam sealant, commonly known as foaming agent, foam rubber, PU sealant, English PU FOAM is a product of polyurethane foam aerosol technology and technology of cross combination. The utility model relates to a special polyurethane product, which is prepared by filling polyurethane prepolymer, foaming agent, catalyst and other groups in a pressure resistant aerosol tank. When the material is ejected from the aerosol tank, the foamed polyurethane material will rapidly expand and solidify with the air or the water in the matrix to form a foam. Wide scope of application. Has the advantages of high expansion foam, and low shrinkage, and foam strength, good adhesion and high solidified foam with caulking, bonding, sealing, heat insulation, sound absorption and other effects, is a kind of environmental protection and energy saving, convenient use of building materials, applicable to sealing and plugging, filling the gap, fixed bond insulation, especially suitable for sealing up or plastic steel doors and windows and the wall between Aluminum Alloy and waterproof.

Performance specification

General dry time table in 10 minutes (at 20 DEG C environment), dry time with the environmental temperature and humidity varies, in general, the summer dry time of about 4-6 hours, winter around zero to 24 hours or longer to dry. Under normal conditions of use (and in the case of the appearance of a cover layer), to estimate the service life of not less than ten years in -10 to 80 DEG C in curing foam had a good elasticity and adhesion. The solidified foam has the functions of joint sealing, bonding and sealing. In addition, flame retardant polyurethane foam can reach B and C flame retardant.

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