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Introduce high-end equipment to boost quality
Dec 29, 2017

At present, companies face competition in the global market, in order to survival and development in the competition, it is necessary to constantly enhance the level of science and technology innovation and quality, improve the quality of products is also the inherent requirement of modern enterprise. Mei jiang firmly establish a "quality first" concept, always put the quality as the survival of enterprises, always put the quality as the enterprise must stick to the moral bottom line, always put the quality as the first pursuit of enterprises.

As the saying goes, "to do a good job, must first sharpen his" production equipment is the key to guarantee product quality, equipment level, decided to enterprise's product structure and the grade of the product, production equipment level of ascension, beyond the human subjective effort can achieve effects.

For my company to introduce high-end equipment, avoid the traditional die-casting machine, the energy-saving effect is not ideal, system response is slow, hard to ensure stability of production, shorten the service life of machine deficiency, save resources, reduce costs, improve quality, eliminates the castings to hide this problem.

Mei jiang will adhere to the quality strives for the benefit of steady growth with quality, to further strengthen the quality of economic development under the new normal consciousness, brand consciousness, strengthen the sense of urgency and the sense of responsibility, to promote the development, speed up the implementation of the rise of green foothold really to improve the quality and efficiency.