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How to use the Small Polyurethane Foam Gun
Jan 11, 2018

1.Taking a polyurethane foam gun, cleaning with polyurethane detergent to ensure unimpeded

2.Taking a bottle of vesicant, holding the middle of the tank body by hand, shaking the can body along the horizontal direction for at least 20 times to ensure that the tank pre-polymer fully mixed.

3.Removing the detergent on the foaming gun, taking off the cover on the threaded valve of the vesicant, screwing the vesicant tank to the foam gun interface along the thread

4.Gripping the foaming gun to ensure that the vesicant tank is on the top and the foam gun is under the tank, and then openning flow control valve of the rear of the foaming gun.

5.The tip is aimed at the bottom or inside of the part to be filled.It will start the construction when gently pull the trigger.It can be adjust to the appropriate flow through the flow control valve behind the foam gun.

6.After a tank of spray, if you want to fill, you can immediately remove the empty cans, according to the step 3 to re-install the vesicant to continue construction.

7.When you finished,please remove the material in time and put on a special cleaning detergent to clean the foam gun to prevent the residual material curing plug foam gun.

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