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How to use gun-type polyurethane foam filler
Sep 23, 2017

At home found in the bathroom and the kitchen there are many places where cracks and holes, often leaks, etc., then there is nothing to fill these cracks and holes it? This is the use of polyurethane foam filler, what is the polyurethane foam filler, in fact, is a high-expansion polyurethane fast fixed foam filler, the biggest advantage is that it can be used in humid environments, usually also known as polyurethane Blowing agent.

1. Before using the polyurethane foam gun, first use the polyurethane cleaning agent to clean the gun nozzle, to ensure that the nozzle did not block the mouth.

2. Before using the polyurethane foam agent, first hand holding the middle of the tank, and then hit the horizontal, and then forced to shake more than 20, so that the tank can be fully mixed prepolymer, so that when used to achieve the best results.

3. Remove the protective leather cover of the valve on the foam of the foaming agent and remove the cleaning agent from the foaming gun and attach the foaming agent to the interface of the foaming gun along the thread.

4. Hold the foam gun handle to ensure that the foaming gun is above the polyurethane foam canister, the polyurethane foam canister placed below, open the flow control valve at the rear of the foaming gun.

5. Start using the need to place the tip of the need to place the construction, and then gently pull the trigger, so as not to spray too much dose. In the course of the use of the actual needs of the flow adjustment valve to adjust to achieve the best flow.

6. If you need to use multi-tank spray, then in the last tank after use, repeat the second and third points to install a new blowing agent to continue construction.

7. After the construction, should immediately remove the polyurethane foam filler tank, if the blowing agent is not used up should be placed in a dry, cool place to save good. And the burning guns need to use a special cleaning agent to clean, so as to avoid the residual material curing plug the destruction of the bubble gun.

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