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How to solve the problem of gun leakage?
Dec 31, 2017

With the continuous improvement of production process requirements, customers are more and more serious about the practical value of rubber gun. Which machine is more cost-effective and more able to meet the market demand, then this machine can stand out in the fierce market competition and get better development and broad market prospect. So the pressure glue gun manufacturer is more important to the practical value of the rubber gun.

The gun has an abnormal air leak. The screws are removed and reloaded, and the glass glue is used for sealing. A leak in the front part of the pressure gun barrel. First check whether the front cover is tightened and the glue is too long. There is a leak in the back of the rubber gun. It is suggested that the sealing ring should be replaced in a timely manner due to the reason of the broken sealing ring.

Its high quality zinc alloy handle, TPR rubber plastic sheath, comfortable, impact resistant, durable. High grade zinc alloy material push block, high quality cold rolled steel sheet gun body, high strength, long life. The unique push-rod locking device can easily change the silicone and easy to use. The handle is unique to add cutting blade, convenient, saving power; The 360-degree gun body is suitable for small, corner and sandwich space.