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How to safely use foam filler?
Jan 21, 2018

To use polyurethane foam filler, you must know some safety tips. The first is to eliminate the packing cans and empty cans that puncture or burn the seaming agent, and keep away from heat sources and fire sources during construction, so as to avoid dangerous accidents. Second, during the process of preservation and transportation, the Ming fire is strictly forbidden. It is absolutely impossible to collide with each other and be exposed to the intense sunlight. The temperature of the tank itself must not exceed 45 degrees. Thirdly, the tank can not be placed upside down, in general, the tank itself is under certain pressure. There's a danger of explosion if you don't handle it well. Be sure to wear protective glasses and protective gloves when carrying out construction, and have good ventilation. Fourth, if you are not careful with your eyes or skin, you must wash them immediately. If you are serious, you must go to the doctor. After curing, the foam can only be cleaned mechanically. Fifthly, foam filling and empty tank must be kept out of reach of children to avoid injury to children and accidents. In summary, polyurethane foam filler is an inflammable and explosive dangerous product. In the process of storage and use, it is necessary to be careful and carry out the operation strictly according to the regulations.