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How to remove the use of tubular vesicant skin cover
Jul 28, 2018

Two types of foam are divided into gun type and tube type (usually referred to as disposable). The tube type is mainly used for retail design, that is, tube type is only suitable for household plugging and leak prevention. Moreover, the general quality of the product is not very good, most of the company's 750ML packaging and good quality products will not be tube type, because the tube type products are smaller than the gun type, sometimes it will not be clean, and the valve can not get out of the valve. In addition, the tube type products have no guns. The style is delicate and the expansive force is relatively large. The actual cost of the gun is lower than that of the tube type.

The use of bubble gum

1 a polyurethane foam gun was taken and cleaned with polyurethane cleaning agent to ensure smooth flow.

2 take a bottle of foaming agent, hold the middle of the tank tightly with your hands, and shake it vigorously along the transverse direction of the tank body for at least 20.

3 the protective cover of the valve on the thread ring, remove the cleaning agent on the foam gun, and install the foaming agent tank on the interface of the foaming gun along the thread.

4 Hold the foam gun handle tightly, ensure that the material can be placed above, the foam gun is below the material tank, and open the flow control valve at the rear part of the foaming gun.

5 the gun head is aligned at the bottom or inside of the filling part of the object, gently trigger the trigger and start construction. It can be adjusted to the appropriate flow rate through the flow adjustment valve behind the foam gun.

6If a tank is finished, if it is filled, the empty tank can be removed immediately, and the foaming agent is reinstalled according to the point 3, and the construction is continued.

7After the construction is completed, remove the material tank in time and replace the special cleaning agent to clean the foam gun so as to prevent the residual material from solidifying and blocking the foam gun.

The precautions of the bubble gum:

A before gluing and installing the door frame, it is best to spray some water on the wall, so that the fixed words are faster, the expansion force is small, and the stability is good.

B be sure to fix it.

C, glue from bottom to top, left to right. Because the sealant has certain back effect, so when the glue is played, the gungate should be hit on the side of the wall, not to the side of the door frame. As long as the glue is filled with 50% full crevice, the glue will slowly fill the gap. This saves the glue, reduces the expansion force, and ensures the glue deep in the gap. It can fully absorb water. The speed of glue is preferably uniform, so that the door will not be bulging. Many customer response doors are dilated by improper use.

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