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How to clean the residual sealant?
Jan 21, 2018

In the process of decoration, the filler is an indispensable building material, and there are many ways to remove the residual sealant. According to the long-term experience of the operator, a few points are obtained. First, economic and practical methods. If ceramic tile is convex, we can use soft cloth with hydrochloric acid cleaning, is to buy the dilute hydrochloric acid, will be about 1:10, sure is a weak acid, so that we can reduce the corrosion of ceramic tile. In general, the cleaning agent used in the home can be used to remove the fillers. If the acidity is not well controlled, be careful not to pour too much on the tile. Where the tiles are smooth, just scrape it with a shovel. The second, the rosin water to clear the seaming agent. Rosin water dissolves all kinds of stains and is a good solvent. But pay special attention to when using rosin water cannot let ceramic tile is damaged, and used later must remove residues of rosin water, have to be cautious with a history of allergies, rosin water taste because it is very exciting, or a great influence on human respiratory tract. Third, the decontamination effect of toothpaste is very good, we can also use it to remove the seaming agent, different kinds of stains, the effect of cleaning will be different. Although it is a small step to remove the caulking agent, if the cleaning is not clean, it will feel very rough and the effect is beautiful, so this link should not be ignored.