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The emergency measures are not careful when inhaling adhesive
Jan 14, 2018

All-purpose adhesive is toxic, even environmental protection adhesive is not no toxicity, so, at the time of use all-purpose adhesive, try to avoid to get, especially don't make the mistake of breathing, inhaled one thousand happen, must use a reasonable way to deal with.

If you inhale a lot of glue, you should immediately remove the patient from the contaminated area, breathe fresh air, and visit the hospital severely. If your skin is in contact with an adhesive, wash your skin with soapy water and remove contaminated clothing. If the eye is infected with the glue, immediately use a lot of water to wash the eyes, or go to the hospital.

If the child accidentally swallowed an all-purpose adhesive, first drink 1 to 2 glasses of water to dilute, can not urge vomiting, immediately to the hospital.