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gun-type foam sealant use methods and steps
Oct 26, 2017

gun-type foam sealant use methods and steps:

① take a polyurethane foam gun, cleaning with polyurethane cleaning agent to ensure smooth;

② take a bottle of foam agent, hand clenched in the middle of the tank, along the direction of the tank sideways shaking at least 20, be sure to ensure that the tank prepolymer fully mixed;

③ remove the foam on the ring on the protection of the valve cover, remove the cleaning agent on the bubble gun, along the thread to the foam cans installed on the mouth of the bubble gun;

④ hold the blister gun handle, to ensure that the tank placed in the top, the bubble gun in the bottom of the tank, open the rear of the bubble gun flow control valve;

⑤ the tip of the object to fill the bottom of the site or inside, gently pull the trigger, start construction. It can be adjusted to the appropriate flow rate by the flow control valve behind the burner.

⑥ After a pot of spray, if you want to fill, you can immediately remove the empty cans, in accordance with the ③ point of the way to re-install the blowing agent to continue construction.

⑦ After the completion of construction, in a timely manner to take off the tank, put a special cleaning agent cleaning foam gun, so as to avoid the residual material curing plug the destruction of the bubble gun.

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