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Fill the gap between the window and the wall, with cement or foam?
Jan 01, 2018

There may be confusion and trouble in the decoration, then someone will ask, fill the gap between the window and the wall, with the cement or the foaming glue?


1. Foaming adhesive: when using, the construction speed is fast, save time, and can achieve full fitting with the gap, and will not crack in the later stage; Some would say the properties of the foam is soft, can't support wall, in fact this problem need not worry too much about, because generally before installing Windows construction with reinforcement, so the basic does not have a problem; But the cost is higher than the cement mortar.

Fill with foaming glue filler

Cement mortar: the cement mortar cost lower, the strengthening performance will be better, this point need not be explained; However, it is necessary to remind that there may be a slight defect in the sealing performance. And the cement mortar has certain corrosiveness to the aluminum window frame, so when installing, should remember to strengthen the protection of window frame, after construction finished dry, can pick off.

Fill with cement mortar

2. Different areas have some differences in the selection of fillers. Generally speaking, foaming glue is recommended in the northern region. Due to the good thermal insulation properties of foaming adhesive, it belongs to soft material and soft connection, which is suitable for north. The south can choose the form of cement mortar, after all, not so high thermal insulation demand, can save the province.

3, generally recommend wooden window frame chooses cement mortar, because wood first does not have the problem of corrosion, next as long as the later scrape good putty, beautiful also does not affect. Other materials, especially aluminum window frames, or foaming glue is effective and simpler. So when you install Windows, you can choose according to your own needs.