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Clean air London has pollution glue
Feb 04, 2018

    TFL announced a $310000 "glue" pollution plan, spraying them to poor air quality in 15 street area, in order to capture some sort of pollutant, preventing them from float around and into the lungs of people.

    This so-called "glue" is more formal and is supposed to be a dust inhibitor, a non-toxic, biodegradable calcium acetate solution. Such dust inhibitors do not capture gaseous pollutants like carbon monoxide, but are used to trap tiny particles that are very harmful to the respiratory system, from cars and industrial processes. Although the main adsorption particle of this "pollution glue" is PM10, it is not obvious that the effect of the "glue" on PM2.5 is not obvious, but the purpose of this "glue" is to improve air quality and public health.