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Classification and use of foam caulking agents.
Oct 26, 2017

Classification and use of foam caulking agents.

Foam Sealant Split gun and tube type (usually referred to as a one-time) two, tube type is mainly used for retail design, that is, tube type is only suitable for the amount of leakage of household plugging The place. Moreover, the general tube product quality is not very good, most of the company 750ML packaging and good quality products will not use tube, because the tubular polyurethane foam sealant than the gun-style pressure is small, sometimes Do not clean, prone to bet the valve can not hit the phenomenon, in addition, the tube of polyurethane foam sealant fight out of the polyurethane foam sealant cell no gun-style delicate, relatively large expansion force. In fact, the cost of gun type is lower than that of tube type.

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