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Aqueous film forming foam extinguishing agent, application of foam extinguishing agent
Feb 18, 2017

Aqueous film forming foam extinguishing agent, also known as "light-water" foam, or fluorine chemical foam fire extinguishing agent. It consists of fluorocarbon surfactant, freon-free surfactants (surfactants carbon chlorine) and improve the properties of foam stabilizer, antifreeze, solvent and thickening agent and so on. Through the foam Proportioning unit (foam tank) when mixed with water, as water volume mixing ratio: 3%AFFF type (3:97) and 6%AFFF (6:94), the State provides for a period of eight years. Dang water into film bubble extinguishing agent through Swiss Hong Kong fire bubble tank mixed Hou, and by bubble generator, and bubble produced device, Jet equipment produced bubble, Jet to burning of oil surface Shi, bubble side in oil surface Shang scattered, side in oil surface Shang formed a layer chemical protection film, inhibit oil of evaporation, makes its and air isolated, and makes bubble quickly to yet directly Jet to of regional diffusion, further fire.