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Application of polyurethane insulation Board to building energy saving engineering advantages
Feb 18, 2017

The cell structure of polyurethane foam is the most perfect, better structural stability and physical and chemical properties. Because the polyurethane foam is a two-component liquid cross-linked foam, is thermoset foam mesh, closed-cell high compressive strength, tensile strength, and good thermal stability, safe use temperatures up to 120 degrees Celsius. EPX, XPS is a thermoplastic foam particles and line structures, heat sensitivity, poor thermal stability, heat resistance was only 70 degrees at higher ambient temperatures use foam volume deformation risk II. Therefore, polyurethane insulation Board in exterior wall external thermal insulation system the insulation plate deformation caused the cracking risk minimal, while avoiding the loose powder polyphenylene grain thermal insulation mortar cracked and closed-perlite, inorganic thermal insulation glazed hollow bead mortar shrinkage cracking.