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Application of hot melt glue gun
Sep 16, 2018

1. Before using the hot melt glue gun, please check whether the power supply is electrified and the support is ready; the used glue gun pushes the glueIs it smooth? It

2. When hot melt glue gun is used, insert the power cord and preheat for about 5 minutes or until the glue strip melts completely and the glue gun is not used.

Please stand upright on the desktop. It

3. When the tape melts, press the trigger gently and let the glue flow out naturally.

4. use the nozzle down and remove the power plug.

5. do not pull adhesive strips from the inlet.

6. because of the extremely high temperature in the use of hot melt glue guns, it is not possible to contact the mouth of the gun and the glue at hand.

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