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Application of high expansion foam generators in the underground car park
Feb 18, 2017

Foam submergence depth: specifications: when used while class b fire fighting, gasoline, kerosene, diesel and benzene fire foam submerged depth above the fire area 2m; when used for extinguishing class a fires, foam submergence depth not less than 1.1 times the height of the highest protected object, and should be above the highest point above the maximum protected object 0.6m. Garage fires, mostly caused by gasoline fires at the beginning, but when the car caught fire, gasoline Burns will be over soon, followed by the car itself combustible materials such as wood, leather, plastic, cloth, rubber, and continued to burn, so the fire type can be considered to be a class hybrid class a and b fires. Comprehensive specifications, calculating bubble submergence depth taking 2m of this project.