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Application method of small polyurethane foaming gun
Nov 25, 2017

1, take a polyurethane foam gun, with polyurethane cleaning agent cleaning, ensure smooth;

2, to fetch a bottle of foaming agent, hand hold tank body along the transverse direction of the tank body forced at least 20 jolt, make sure that the tank prepolymer mixing;

           55.jpg 85.jpg

3, remove the protective cover on the valve threads of foaming agent, cleaning agent and foaming gun, the foaming agent can body along the thread onto the foam gun on the interface;

4. Hold the foam shooter, make sure that the material tank is placed above, the foaming gun is under the material tank, and open the flow control valve at the back of the foam gun;

5, the gun head to the object to fill parts of the bottom or inside, gently pull the trigger, start construction. It can be adjusted to the proper flow through the flow regulating valve behind the foam gun.

6, after a tank is sprayed, if it is to be filled, the empty tank can be removed immediately, and then the foaming agent is re installed according to the third point, and the construction is continued.

7, after the completion of the construction, timely take off the tank, change the special cleaning agent to clean the foaming gun, so as to avoid residual material solidification, blocking and damaging the foaming gun.

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